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We offer Several Ministries, for all different age groups.

Check it out! Let us know what you like and how we can improve. 

Kids Reading Outdoor
Kid's Ministry

This is for children of all ages 4-11. A place they can come together, learn about our Lord and Savior. They can express their creativity with Fun activities, snacks, and so much more! 

A Nursery is available for children under the age of 4.

Anchor Ministries 
Teen Youth Group

Ages 12-18 A fun environment full of friends and family where all are welcomed to join the festivities.

Camps, Adventures, Joining together with our churches, and so much more are done here in the name of Jesus. A place to grow and be yourself. A fun eventful place where our friends become our family.  

Check it out and Stay connected!

Group of Friends
College & Career Ministry

We are located in a college town! 

College and Career group comes together once a month for a lunch. We catch up on what is going on in each others lives, and have a great fellowship time. Check out the event page calendar to know our next get together.

Adult Group

After church service our is an opportunity for our Adults to join and talk about God, What He is doing in our lives and what He offers us in eternal life. A safe space to be open about anything you maybe going through with a church family who is here to listen and help lift your spirit!

We also meet on Wednesday Mornings at 11 a.m.

S.O.S Ministry

Sisters of Strength is a group of ladies who have lost their spouse. A safe place to open up and raised to encourage. This group of ladies work together in make sure everyone in this group is taken care of whether it be going to doctors appointments, Lunches, flea markets, and so much more. 

Manna Ministries

We are doing a monthly food drive, We are service families in our local area one Saturday a month. Our boxes have dry goods, Meat, and produce. We would like to thank all of our sponsors who have so graciously helped us with food, donations, and so much more. If you would like to know more contact us. If you would like to help out in some way or another contact us and ask for Mrs. Robin Campbell our Food Drive Director.  

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