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Welcoming back all our Teens! We know it has been such a long time and we can not wait to see you all again. We will be starting up Wednesday nights on August 26, 2020 from

6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., Starting outside for safety. Sunday School will be reopening on September 6, 2020 following church service. We are praying for you all as you all are going back to school.

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Welcome back everyone! It was so great seeing you all again. If you do not know already we are back in Teen group on Wednesday nights. Yay! So before we meet Pastor Sean is doing Teen quizzing from 5:30 pm to 6:20 pm. If you are interested please let Pastor Sean, Pastor Jill or N.Y.I leader Allie know. We will make sure you have all of the info and quizzing material you need. This year you will be studying the book of Matthew, So make sure to read, read, read! Teen Group follows at 6:30pm to 8 pm. In the past we were able to offer rides. This year with Covid we are taking precaution, so please try to find a safe ride to and from the church. We would greatly appreciate it. Other great news we have T.N.T @ lake placid coming up in November. First we will hold a Yard Sale to help with funds October 22nd- 24th. More Info to come. 

Every Wednesday we will have different events planed. This Wednesday coming up will be Movie Night! We look forward to seeing each of you there. Do not forget to invite your family and friends who are Teens. Take care and be smart. - Allie

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